Christopher McKay, DOP (416) 938-2523


Canon C300 Mark III camera (3x 512Gb Sandisk cards)
Canon C200 Raw camera (3.5 hours CFast raw media)
Canon 1DX II camera body
Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 lens
Canon CN-E30-105mm T2.8 lens
Leica 70-180mm f2.8 lens
Canon 85mm 1.2
Canon 50mm 1.2
Canon 24mm 1.4
Canon TSE-45mm f2.8 shift/tilt
Canon TSE-90mm f2.8 shift/tilt
Canon 100-400mm IS lens
Canon 24-105mm f4.0 IS lens
Canon 16-35 f4.0 IS lens
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens
Canon 2x EF extender II

Actioncam Raptor camera stabilizer (Steadicam) (8 to 28 pound load)
Walter Klassen Mitchell/vehicle mount for Steadicam
Preston Digital Microforce 2 zoom control (with Heden M21VE-L motor)
Heden Carat wireless follow focus (with Heden M21VE-L motor)
Arri LMB-25 lightweight matte box (80mm and 114mm rings)
Transvideo Starlite HD 5” OLED monitor
2x Sony PVM A170 17” OLED HD monitor
Teradek Serv Pro wireless transmitter (to Iphone)
Sachtler 20P tripod
Sachtler 18P tripod
Sachtler HD wheels
Gitzo 3 stage carbon tripod with Berlebach head
100mm hi hat
monopod x2
EZ Rig 400N with Flowcine Serene arm


1x Arri M8 HMI light
1x Arri D5 HMI light
2x Barger Baglite GT-6 light
2x KinoFlo 4 foot 4 bank
3x KinoFlo Diva 400
4x Kinoflo 6’ 4 bank
2x Area 48 remote phosphor LED lights (tungsten/daylight)
5x modified Triolet 1000W light (CSA)
4x Dedolight 150 kit
6x 750W Source Four kits (19, 26, 36, 50, 70, iris, donut, patterns)
2x Arri 2000w T2 fresnel
6x 650W Arri
1x PRG Foton LED remote phosphor light
2x Quasar LED 2 foot lights
1x Astera Helios LED

3x Medium Chimera Quartzbank (40 grid, 3x skin)
1x Large Chimera Pancake lantern
4x Small Chimera Video Pro (40 grid, 3x skin)
1x XS Chimera Video Pro
1x Gem Ball (22")
8x 1000W dimmer (CSA)
25x 25' AC (hospital grade)
15x 50' AC (hospital grade)


1x CG7 jib arm (2’, 4’, 7’ lengths) with 100mm ball mount, weights
1x Varizoom hot head for jib
1x Panther dolly base (pneumatic, track, studio wheels)
1x Panther bazooka (air filled 39-73cm, Euro mount)
Panther 100mm offset head
Panther U-bangi
Panther turnstile with seat, offset, riser

1x Trost 75mm slider
1x Modern Studio "dana" dolly

12x Matthews 40” grip stands
2x Matthews 20” grip stands
2x Matthews Sky-Hi stands
2x Avenger steel low 2K stand
4x Avenger 105 aluminum combo stand with leveling leg (2 with wheel kits)
8x Avenger 110 aluminum triple riser 750 stand with leveling leg
1x Matthews lawn dart

8x Avenger 750 baseplate (3”) with pad, 1x Avenger baseplate (9”)
14x Mathellini
12x 750 hanger
8x Maffer
8x Avenger grip head
25x safety chain
2x 2k to 750 adapter
8x goalposts
3x 750 scissor clamps
8x 2K baseplates

8x single pulley with webbing (650lb. swl)
4x 100 foot lengths of static rigging rope
2x 10 foot pipe, 4x 6 foot pipe, 2x 2 foot pipe
14x speedrail pipe corners
8x swivel 90
8x hard 90
8x I-beam clamp
28x sandbag

1x 12’x12’ frame (“A” capable), with ears.
1x 12’x12’ green screen
1x 12’x12’ Ultrabounce
1x 12’x12’ solid
1x 6’x6’ frame with Matthews corners
1x 6’x6’ half grid cloth
1x 6’x6’ griffolyn
1x 6’x6’ Ultrabounce
1x 6’x6’ Soft silver
2x 4’x4’ collapsible frame (quarter grid, half grid , Ultrabounce)
1x 4’x8’ collapsible frame (quarter grid, half grid)
1x 20’x20’ half grid cloth

1x 6’ ladder


1x Chevrolet Express 1500 van with ramp, shelves, partition
1x Caravan 10’x10’ shelter (black or white)
1x Magliner cart, 2 tray
1x folding Magliner hand truck
1x MacBook Pro data transfer station with card readers
DaVinci Resolve (paid dongle version) and 4K HP Dreamcolor monitor/ Sony OLED broadcast monitor
Lectrosonics wireless audio package (SMQV transmitter, Srb5p receiver, microphone)